Old man, you know the rules. Besides

The nannies from Belinda to someone else and then back again. That's where you'll come in if you'll agree. You'll imobiliare bucuresti be the test subject, you are going to be the one we attempt to change. Once we get the bugs worked out, we'll do the rest of us. I'll agree with a couple of conditions. No messing with my mind. For example, I don't want you to do anything with me like you did with Belinda and the self defense thing. I want to be in complete control of my actions at all times. The second condition is simple, I want to be informed of all proposed changes and I will have the right to veto any change as I see fit. Agreed Chuck? Agreed Shad, your conditions are understandable and intelligent ones. I have a few ideas about the nannies transfer and Belinda has one too. We'll let you know when we get the details worked out. Until then I'm sure Belinda will keep you entertained. One more thing Chuck, Belinda promised google me some of your coffee and the smell of it brewing is killing me. May I? Of course, you and Belinda help yourselves. Go and see Jeremy after, he needs you for some pictures or something. ~~~~~~~~ Belinda said, Jeremy, the doc said you wanted to see us. I need to take some recordings of the two of you walking, talking, eating and doing the things people ordinarily do. Whatever for? asked Belinda. I need them to make some computer simulations, so I can fool the hunters into thinking you are somewhere that you are not. It is complicated, but it is necessary. Shaddrack, wait up. He slowed down and Belinda caught up to him. I wonder if I could get you to help me sort out some old stuff in my room? Sure thing, I'll be glad to have something to do. I'm tired of being the center of attention. Now you know how I feel. Come on, this way. She led him through imobiliare bucuresti the common room and back to the hallway where the bedrooms were. Her door was the first on the left. She turned the and pushed the door open. Her room was probably three times the size of his. There was a big closet on one end with a set of open double doors. There was piles of clothes on the floor and the queen sized bed was covered with letters and photographs. There was a box labeled KEEP beside the bed and several other unlabeled boxes on the floor. She walked over to the bed and pushed a couple of piles together and sat down. She patted the bed beside her, Sit bucuresti right here. He joined her on the bed. Young lady, no television until you get imobiliare bucuresti your room cleaned up, he joked. What's up with all this? Jeremy had some of my old things brought here to make me feel more comfortable while I was being rejuvenated. http://acontimo.ro/ Things have progressed to the point where someday soon we'll be leaving this place. Jeremy says anything that could connect the new me to the old one has to be destro. I even have to change my face again, Garth and company know this face now and with facial recognition software, I won't be safe anywhere outside until I do. Change your face! What do you mean again? She picked up a photograph up from the bed and handed it to him. Look at the picture, this is what I looked like when I was young the first time. He took the photo